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Customer Reviews
The Best Movers ever! Tim and his crew were very efficient and fast. Would definitely recommend them!!
                        -- Kavita C.
I would highly recommend this company, the rates are great!
                  -- Keeshone C.
My wife and I have used          U-rent-it-we-move-U (Tim & Tito) 3 times over the last year!! We have been through A LOT of moves over the years and these guys are truly awesome by comparison -- and that's comparing them against big name companies as well as smaller privately owned movers.
                         -- Derek B
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What made you get into the moving business?
     I came up with the idea to offer a moving labor service after talking to a friend that worked for Uhaul truck rental company. He would tell me how people who rented trucks from their location would always ask them if they knew anyone that would be interested in making some money helping them load their rental trucks.
     At the time I was looking for some type of business I could do part-time to earn some extra cash, because I was going through a financially draining divorce. I told my friend to give them my number and I would give him a commission off each job I done.  I reasoned  that  helping people  load and  unload their moving trucks couldn't be no harder or much different than what I was already doing.  I had been doing courier work for 3 years loading and unloading vans full of oil field equipment and thousands of pounds of dialysis fluids by myself on a daily basis. And as the saying goes, the rest was history. This is how and why I started U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U and where its name came from.

Since you have been in business what have you noticed about most of your customers?
What I have noticed is that most people move out of necessity. Either they are moving to get out of a bad situation, down-sizing to ease a financial burden, and most people are trying to stay within a budget. After talking to my customers during my moves I realized that a lot of them was going through or been through a situation like mines, this is why I established a range of price points and solutions to work within almost any budget.

How is your company different from a traditional moving company?
     U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U is different from a traditional moving company because we give our customers an array of options to save money on their move. If they only need help load or unloading a moving truck that is all they will be charged for. They won't be charged for the cost of using a truck that is billed into a $75-$120 an hour rate for service that they would have to pay if they hirer a traditional moving company. Nor would they be charged extra for stairs.
     U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U can provide Neat, Clean, Professional Movers that have experience disassembling, wrapping, and loading/unloading furniture on and off moving trucks and setting it back up in a customer house for as low  $49 an hour for two movers, $59 (three movers) and $69 (four movers). And all our movers that we send out to a customer location is licensed, bonded and insured.

Besides offering help with labor, what other value do you offer your customers?
We offer them efficiency. A move that would normally take a customer and their family and friends all day to do, our guys can get it done in a matter of a few hours, and they don't have to worry about their furniture being scratched, chipped, or damaged. Because with all our services we provide Free Furniture Pads, Free Shrink Wrap and Tape, furnish light tools, dollies, and straps to move and secure their belongings on the moving truck.

What if a customer don't have their own truck, can you still move them?
     Yes we can. U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U also offer a complete array of Moving Packages in which we provide the truck, movers, and a predetermined number of hours to conduct the move starting a $230 complete.

What if a customer exceed that predetermined number of hours?
     They will be billed in 15 minute increments (our hourly rate is broke down in four quarters), instead of being charged for an hour if they go over.

Is there anything that U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U will not load or move?
     No. We are very humble movers, and no job whether it is bigger or smaller than the next is no greater than the other, because everyone's personal possessions is their personal treasures. We have loaded PICKUP TRUCKS, moved ONE and TWO PIECES of FURNITURE, loaded and unloaded PODs and ABF trailers, moved 100 sq ft STORAGES, on up to 7000 sq ft HOMES, and BUSINESSES. Our motto is, "no job is too big or small we move it all."
Timothy Washington